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China QueenHome
QueenHome's production base is located in ZHEJIANG, CHINA. Since its establishment, we are committed to mid and high end coating product's R&D, production, sales and service. Based on technology innovation, QueenHome has always maintained advanced and leadership in non-stick coating industry. As a professional non-stick coating manufacturer, we have been providing healthy and environmental-friendly high performance non-stick coating products for the manufacturers and brands all over the world.
Non-stick Technology, Innovation is Infinity!
QueenHome is committed to R&D of healthy and environmental-friendly non-stick coating. Its R&D center convergence experienced experts, with its own technology have been launched innovative products continuously. Meanwhile, team work is the creed that every employee of QueenHome believes and implements. QueenHome maintained a fresh vitality by its cohesive team. Meanwhile ensured fast and efficient service quality.
Business concept
Win the trust and respect of customer through products and quality Create maximum value for customers.
Quality concept

Quality is the lifeblood of QueenHome.
Choosing QueenHome is choosing safety and quality.
R&D concept

Focus on product innovation, be sure to do each formula well.
By solving the market pain points to do product leadership and customized according to customer needs.
Provide the most professional non-stick coating solution.
Talent conceot
Talent is the first resource for company development.
Looking for fellow travelers along the way.
Treatment retention.
Career retention .
Cultural retention.
Real success is dependent on how many people's lives have been improved because of a company. Heritage hundred years of enterprise is the persistent pursuit of QueenHome.

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