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Product Introduction
QueenHome is committed to R&D of healthy and environmental-friendly non-stick coating. Its R&D center convergence experienced experts, with its own technology have been launched innovative products continuously. Meanwhile, team work is the creed that every employee of QueenHome believes and implements. QueenHome maintained a fresh vitality by its cohesive team. Meanwhile ensured fast and efficient service quality.
  • Aerolite


    Aerolite series possess natural texture, rough surface mechanism, good adhesion, excellent abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. Providing powerful protection for cookware as knight’s dense armor, compliance with the requirements of high intensive and professional use. Superior abrasion resistance and scratch resistance improve the service life of the cookware.

  • Aerolite Plus

    Aerolite Plus

    The brand new development and upgrade was recognized and praised by the market in 2018.

  • Super Non-stick Coating

    Super Non-stick Coating

    Chemical polymer scientific formula design.

    Superior non-stick performance.

    Cooking as enjoyable as dancing.

  • Peek series

    Peek Series

    By the application of high precision material PEEK, the film hardness and abrasion resistance are greatly improved.

  • High temperature Resistance Series

    High temperature Resistance Series

    By adopting high-tech materials and special blending technology, the coating enjoy excellent scratch resistance at high temperature.

    Testing the coating's scratch resistance with certain temperature.

    Two layers testing condition: 350℃

    Three layers testing condition: 380℃ 


  • Thermochromic Non-stick Coating
    Thermochromic Non-stick Coating

    Smart Non-stick Coating

    Cooking temperature reminded

  • Anti-bacterial non-stick coating

    Anti-bacterial non-stick coating

    New materials, new formula!

    Inhibit the growth of bacteria, enjoy a healthy life!

    Authority certification

    Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus

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