PTFE series
Product Introduction
  • Quintess

    Simplicity but not Simple

    QUINTESS is a cost-effective two-layer coating products. Applicable to spray stretching, imitation cast aluminum frying pan, soup pot, baking pan, with excellent non-stick and corrosion resistance.
  • Flexibil
    Extraordinary Flexibility, Flexible way

    FLEXIBIL is two layers water-base fluororesin non-stick coating which enjoys best flexibility.

    It is designed for pre-spray press aluminum non-stick cookware only.

    It has good flexibility and fine non-stick property. FLEXIBIL is the best option for pre- spray press aluminum non-stick cookware.

  • Durabil

    Exquisite Life, Indispensable

    DURABIL is the most endurable two layers water-base fluororesin non-stick coating products of QueenHome. Due to the combination of best performances and easy application, DURABIL became the best seller series.

    It is designed for mid to high end press, forged and die-casting aluminum. Widely used for mid to end cookware, bakeware and small household electrics.

    Outstanding non-stick performance, excellent abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance provide a pleasant cooking experience.

  • Infini

    Excellent Quality, Came into Being

    INFINI is a three coats water-base fluororesin non-stick coating which is designed for high-end and professional cooking field. INFINI is suggested for the high-end aluminum and stainless steel cookware.

    It is the reinforced coating system which combined outstanding non-stick property, great abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. In a world, INFINI is born for the professional cooking application field.

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