Color coating
Product Introduction
The colorful coatings decorate our kitchen, while we emdow the coating reinforced function and utility. Attractive colors and long-lasting utility could meet market development requirement. According to customers’ demond, QueenHome offers customers the colorful coatings customization service.
  • Marble

    MARBLE coating has the texture and effect of nature marble. Magnificent colors look like the exquisite clothes for cookware. According to customers requirements, two coats and three coats system are available.

  • Marble plus

    MARBLE PLUS is the upgraded product of marble coating. With rough but texture surface, Marble plus enjoys outstanding abrasion resistance, the film’s shelf life is increased effectively.

  • Light-shadow

    Light-shadow series shows the combination of nature beauty of light and shadow. Different angle different colors. Light-shadow series is the perfect interpretation of technology innovation.

  • Multistone

    The design inspiration of MULTISTONE came from the nature granite. Taking account of the granite nature and adding the sci-tech element, MULTISTONE enjoys excellent combination properties. The abrasion& non-stick property, hardness and scratch resistance surpassed other normal coatings apparently.

  • Siro


    The unusual appearance and high quality performance show the uniqueness of SiRo. Focusing on the research and application of new materials, combining practice with creativity, QueenHome launched SiRo coating products in the spring of 2018. The excellent wear resistance and non stick performance improve the service life of cookware. SiRo is the perfect combination of coating art and practicality.

  • Colored Glaze


    The design inspiration of Colored Glaze from an ancient ceramic firing process varieties in China - Longquan celadon Ge Kiln. With texture staggered surface, layered superposition, full of strong three-dimensional sense, Colored Glaze shows the beauty of nature.

  • Starry Sky

    Multistone series up-gradation- Starry Sky

    The design concept of Starry sky series three-layer non-stick coating originated from the mysterious galaxies in the universe, transferring all the possibilities of unlimited reveries. The concept of proprietary customization concept also runs through it.Excellent non-stick performance, superior wear resistance present the product quality Starry Sky series flawlessly.

  • Mayin
    Dual color topcoat, show the unique personality.
  • Colorful Water-base exterior

    Colorful Water-base exterior(Single Layer & Two layers

    Curing temperature from 280℃ to 300℃,

    energy saving and environment friendly

    Smooth texture

    Various colors are available

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